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New York City

The story starts in New York City where Esther is spending a month interning at a magazine. She says at The Amazon, a hotel for women only. Esther has the opportunity to explore the city.

Caplan and Belsize

Caplan and Belsize are the asylums where Esther spends her time recovering from her nervous breakdown. They are situated near Cambridge, and she is allowed town privileges when she is at Belsize. They are comfortable places where she has her own room and is able to recover at her own pace.

Mrs. Greenwood’s Home

Esther stays with her mom when she comes back from New York City after not being accepted into the writing program at her college for the summer. She does not like staying with her mother because they do not get along. She spends her time in the park and traveling the city. It is at this time that she attempts suicide several times.


Esther goes with Buddy Willard to the Yale prom. She is excited about this because she has liked him for many years. Dating a Yale man also makes her more popular at her college.


Esther’s boyfriend is staying at a tuberculosis recovery center for in the Adirondacks. Esther goes to see him so that she can end their relationship. They end up going skiing, and Esther breaks her leg.

This section contains 232 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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