The Counterlife Setting & Symbolism

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Newark, New Jersey

This is where the Nathan and Henry are from, and it is the setting of some of the character Nathan's novels.


This is a Yiddish term for a non-Jewish woman.


This is a term for the scattering of a people away from their traditional homeland. It is often used to describe the scattering of the Jews over thousands of years.


This is a portion of the country of Israel. Other names for this region include the West Bank.


This is a Yiddish term meaning non-Jew. In modern usage it can sometimes have negative connotations.

The Wailing Wall

This is an important Jewish religious structure in Jerusalem. Here Nathan first meets Jimmy Ben-Joseph.


This is the title of Nathan's well-known novel based on his own family. This novel caused Henry to stop speaking to Nathan for many years.


This is an area within Greater London where Nathan and Maria are having a home remodeled.


This is an area in southwestern England. It is where Maria's family is from.


This is a city in the West Bank. Nathan hears much about the conflict between Jews and Arabs in this place when he visits Henry.

This section contains 205 words
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