Nicomachean Ethics Topics for Discussion

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How does Aristotle's description of happiness differ at the beginning and ending of the book?

Discuss how Aristotle uses syllogism to draw conclusions.

How does Aristotle account for the pleasure that people seem to take in non-virtuous activities?

What role does intent and responsibility take in living a virtuous life, according to Aristotle?

How does Aristotle think individual virtue leads to a virtuous community?

Aristotle is careful to keep in mind the practicality of his arguments. Is his proposal on how to create a virtuous society a practical one?

Do Aristotle's notions about virtue apply to modern society? Why or why not?

Aristotle proposes to create a political system that would create virtuous, happy citizens. Based on the ideas in the book, what do you imagine would be some of the features of Aristotle's ideal system?

Are non-virtuous people really unhappy?

This section contains 147 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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