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It - Part Four, July of 1958: Chapter 17, Another One of the MIssing: The Death of Patrick Hockstetter Summary & Analysis

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Part Four, July of 1958: Chapter 17, Another One of the MIssing: The Death of Patrick Hockstetter Summary

Beverly begins to tell her story to those gathered in the library. Beverly remembers an afternoon when she returns to the clubhouse after lunch before the others. Beverly is bored so she decides to go to the dump and practice shooting the slingshot. However, when Beverly arrives, she finds Henry, Belch Huggins, Victor Criss, and Patrick Hockstetter already there. They do not see her so she hides in one of the junk cars lined up there. Henry and his friends have their pants pulled down and are lighting their farts on fire. Beverly finds this very funny as she watches them carefully through the windshield.

Victor and Belch tell Henry they have to leave not long after Beverly arrives. Henry and Patrick stay, but soon grow tired of their game. Patrick suggests another game and then things become silent. Beverly peeks out the windshield again and sees Patrick touching himself and Henry in a sexual fashion. Henry seems to be enjoying it until Patrick suggests he use his mouth on Henry. Henry punches Patrick and leaves him sitting there alone. Beverly, who by this time needs to use the restroom, prays that Patrick will soon leave. When Patrick seems content to remain where he is, Beverly slips out of the car and rushes away.

Beverly stops to void her bladder as soon as she is in the cover of the Barrens. Patrick has followed, however, and Beverly is once more forced to stand still and hope he does not see her. Patrick seems only interested in a refrigerator that sits on the edge of the dump a few feet away from Beverly. Unbeknownst to Beverly or any of the other Losers, Patrick is a sociopath. Patrick killed his infant brother when he was in kindergarten, because the child's constant need for attention has caused his routine to be upset. Patrick felt a strange kind of excitement when he smothered the baby and began to search for other sources to receive that thrill. A few months previous, Patrick began taking neighborhood pets and locking them in the refrigerator, checking them regularly to see how long it takes for them to die. At that moment, Patrick is checking on his latest victim, a pigeon.

When Patrick opens the door, a clear, winged creature flies out. The creature hooks onto Patrick and begins to fill with blood. Patrick realizes it is a leech, the only thing in the world that Patrick is afraid of. More of these creatures begin to fly out of the refrigerator. Patrick screams and tries to run away, tearing each one off of him as he goes. Patrick eventually falls and is dragged into the Barrens by some wax-like creature. Beverly watches this, unsure of what is happening until one of the leeches lands on her. Beverly pulls the leech off of her. When another flies toward her, Beverly pulls out the slingshot and fires at it. The ball nearly misses until it miraculously changes course mid-air. Beverly turns and follows the path that the killer has created dragging Patrick away. Beverly discovers that Patrick has been dragged into the drainage tunnels through one of the pumping stations that Ben calls Morlock holes. Later when Beverly tells the others, they go to the refrigerator where a message has been left for them in Patrick's blood. It warns them to stop before It kills them all.

Part Four, July of 1958: Chapter 17, Another One of the MIssing: The Death of Patrick Hockstetter Analysis

Beverly remembers the day she saw Patrick Hockstetter die. Beverly goes to the dump to practice with the slingshot Bill wants her to use against It. Beverly sees Henry and his friends there and hides away, afraid after what happened to Eddie. While Beverly waits, she sees Henry and friends with their pants down, and this causes Beverly to learn a few things about sex she had not known before. Beverly thinks about Bill as she watches the boys play. Beverly is beginning to blossom in her own sexuality, and her infatuation with Bill plays a large part in this. All of Beverly's thoughts not only show her budding sexuality, but also opens the door to other sexual overtures later in the novel.

Patrick Hockstetter is among the boys playing with Henry. Patrick is a troubled boy who once killed his infant brother, because he interrupted his daily schedule. Patrick also likes to kill innocent animals for the thrill of it. It is this thrill that leads Patrick to the refrigerator that takes his life. Patrick opens the refrigerator and finds himself face-to-face with strange creatures that turn out to be leeches. Patrick is frightened, because these are the only think in the world that could possibly scare him. Patrick runs, trips, and is dragged into the Barrens by It. Beverly witnesses all of this and follows the tracks to find that Patrick has been taken into the tunnels under the city that are part of the drainage system. Beverly's discovery is important later in the novel when the Losers Club try to find where It lives.

Also important in this chapter is the moment when Beverly fires the slingshot at one of the leeches, and it appears to miss and then shifts direction in the middle of its trajectory. This touches on the theme of magic as it seems something more powerful than Beverly has used its power to protect Beverly. The second important moment is the message that Pennywise has left for the Losers Club. The message warns them to back off or be killed. This frightens the children as they realize that It knows they want to kill it.

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