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It - Part Three, Grownups: Chapter 11, Walking Tours Summary & Analysis

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Part Three, Grownups: Chapter 11, Walking Tours Summary

None of them have a specific idea of where they want to go on their walking tours. They divide up outside the restaurant, each one going in a different direction. Ben goes to the library, a favorite destination of his as a child. Ben walks around and looks at the glass tunnel between the two buildings, still as fascinated with it now as he was as a child. Ben then goes inside and walks around both the child's and adult's libraries. Ben feels a sense of déjà vu when he sees the curfew notice in the children's library and hears the librarian telling the story of The Three Billygoats Gruff. Ben shakes the feeling and goes into the adult library where he asks for a library card to have a souvenir of his trip home. While speaking to the librarian, Pennywise the Clown suddenly appears in the stacks and begins yelling at Ben. Ben is the only one who can hear it, so he pretends he cannot. However, Pennywise tells Ben that he is going to die that night, something it is difficult for Ben to ignore. Ben rushes out of the library as quickly as he can, discovering he has accidentally checked out the same book he checked out at the beginning of that fateful summer twenty-seven years before. Just before he leaves, a balloon appears claiming responsibility for the death of a librarian Ben particularly liked.

Eddie walks through downtown and finds himself outside the Tracker Brothers' Truck Depot where the kids used to play baseball in the empty field behind. Eddie remembers a time when a boy hit a ball so hard that it slipped out of its cover and began to unwind as it flew over the fence and into the Barrens. As Eddie is standing at the fence thinking about this memory, the ball suddenly appears again. Eddie turns and begins to rush back across the field when he sees something moving under the ground. The boy who hit the original ball suddenly pops up and grabs Eddie's cuff. The boy's face changes and becomes the face of the leper, then of a girl Eddie once had a crush on. The thing disappears and then the canvas that they once used as bases flies out from under the back dock. Eddie begins to run away, and several balloons pop up in his way with the slogan, Asthma Medicine Causes Cancer, appearing before him.

Beverly goes to the apartment building where she once lived with her parents, wondering if her father still lives there. Beverly has not heard from her father in more than ten years, but is not surprised to see his name on the buzzer. Beverly rings the buzzer, but instead of her father, an attractive older woman comes to the door. Beverly apologizes when she realizes she has made a mistake. The woman says it is alright and apologizes for having to tell Beverly that her father is dead. The woman then invites Beverly inside for a cup of tea. Once inside, Beverly takes a look around, surprised by the changes in her old home. However, strange things begin to happen, and Beverly begins to realize that this woman is not what she seems. In fact, the woman slowly begins to morph into the clown that haunted Beverly and her friends when they were children. Beverly runs from the building and turns one last time to see that it is not in fact a habitable building any longer, but a neglected, condemned old building. As Beverly runs, she sees a balloon floating beside her with a slogan Richie once might have said in one of his funny voices.

Richie goes downtown where he sits on a bench in Bassey Park, remembering a time when he sat there in the spring of 1958. Richie's mouth had gotten out of control that afternoon as it often did and got Henry angry at him. Henry and his friends chased Richie through downtown until he lost them in the toy department of the local department store. Richie went to the park to recover from the excursion. As he sat there, the huge statue of Paul Bunyan behind him began to come to life. Richie can remember the statue trying to chop him to pieces with its huge ax. Richie thinks now, as he did then, that it was only a dream. However, it begins to happen again. The statue comes to life and chases Richie off the bench. It's over as quickly as it began, however, and Richie begins to walk away. However, a terrible pain comes into Richie's eyes, and he is forced to remove his contact lenses in favor of his old glasses.

Bill walks through his old neighborhood and runs into a child playing on the sidewalk. Bill talks to the boy for a few minutes, asking if the child has seen anything strange in Derry. The boy confides that a friend of his thinks he saw a shark in the canal. Bill warns the child to stay away from sewers and drains before moving on. Downtown, Bill asks a little girl what her favorite store is. The girl sends Bill to a thrift store. When Bill arrives, he finds Silver in the window. Bill buys his old bike and takes it to Mike's house. Mike helps Bill fix up the bike, revealing that he had bought a tire repair kit on impulse just the week before even though he had no use for it himself.

Part Three, Grownups: Chapter 11, Walking Tours Analysis

The five friends go on a walking tour alone through Derry, hoping to remember more about the summer of 1958. Each has a strange encounter that involves visions of strange people or clowns, and the balloons that have become a theme of these encounters. Richie reveals to the reader that he did in fact have a strange encounter that summer that he never told anyone about, because he believed he was dreaming. However, it happens again, convincing the reader if not Richie that it did happen. Each of these encounters warn the participants that their deaths are eminent, leaving the reader wondering what lies ahead for these friends and if they will survive.

Bill finds his old bike while on his walking tour. The bike is in poor shape, but is fixable. Bill takes it to Mike's and discovers that Mike has already bought the tire repair kit that they need to fix it. Mike cannot explain why he bought the kit just as Bill cannot explain why he would buy Silver again after all these years, considering its poor condition and the fact that he could buy any bike he wanted. Everything that is happening seems to have a reason, leading the main characters in a direction they are not yet aware of.

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