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It - Part Three, Grownups: Chapter 10, The Reunion Summary & Analysis

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Part Three, Grownups: Chapter 10, The Reunion Summary

Bill Denbrough is awaken by the phone. It is Mike. Mike wants Bill and the others to meet at a local restaurant for a reunion of sorts. Bill grabs a taxi and finds himself staring at the changes in Derry as he is driven to the restaurant. There is a huge mall where the Kitchener Ironworks once stood, and it seems that every other business downtown in now a bank. Derry has grown but it seems the underlying feel of the town is still basically the same.

When Bill arrives at the restaurant, Mike walks him into the dining room he has reserved for the event. Everyone is there except for Stan whom Mike explains has died. The group shares a meal and talks about their lives, with Ben explaining how he happened to lose all the excess weight he carried around as a child. After lunch, Mike tells the group about the events that caused him to call them back. There have been nine child murders. At the scene of one, there was found a picture of George Denbrough, the same picture that winked at Bill and then went missing. At the final scene, there was written on the wall, Come Home, over and over again. Mike believes the message was meant for them.

Mike also points out odd things that have happened to each of them that seem related to the events of 1958. Each of them is successful in their chosen careers, except Mike, even though several of them have chosen careers that are difficult to break into, and none of them have had children even though several of them have been tested by doctors and found to be fertile.

No one really remembers much about that summer of 1958, but the fear that permeated the summer is something they can all still feel. Mike gives them all the option of turning their backs and going home, but no one chooses to do that. Mike then suggests that they each take a walk through town alone, warning them that they might not all survive their walk. Then Mike arranges for them to all meet at the library at closing to continue discussing what they all remember and what they have to do to stop this cycle of violence.

Before they leave, the hostess brings a plate of fortune cookies. They all wait until everyone has one before they begin to open the cookies. Each cookie holds a surprise for each person. Beverly's has blood inside, Eddie's a cricket, Richie's a crawling eye. Ben's has teeth in it, and Bill's is pulsing and vibrating, finally bursting to reveal a fly. Beverly nearly screams, but Bill manages to keep everyone calm when the hostess returns to check on them. Bill knows the hostess cannot see what they see and that if they want to succeed at their mission, they cannot raise anyone's curiosity.

Part Three, Grownups: Chapter 10, The Reunion Analysis

Bill rides through Derry, and like any man returning to his hometown after a long absence, he sees the differences that would only be visible to someone with a connection to the town. Bill has some nostalgia for his hometown, but not the pleasant type that one might have for a home they were fond of. Bill himself has no idea why he is frightened of Derry, but he is frightened and wishes he had never made the promise that brought him back.

Bill meets his old friends and almost immediately they fall back into a pleasant camaraderie that is unusual with adults who were friends as children. It is as if no time has passed, and they are all the same people they were twenty-seven years before. This reunion explores the theme of friendship as these old friends fall back into the same roles they played as children, with Bill as the leader, Eddie the navigator, and Richie the class clown. They are friends, and the love they share for each other is evident to all around them, especially the reader.

Mike tells them about nine murders that have taken place in Derry in recent months, suggesting that a cycle has begun again, a cycle they swore to end if it ever began again. The promise to end the cycle suggests to the reader that something happened that summer of 1958, something related to the strange encounters each of the children had individually, except for Richie, and Bill and Richie experienced together. The reader still does not know what happened that summer, but neither do these characters as their memories seem to be coming back to them only a little at a time. However, they know enough to realize that they have a promise to fulfill, and none of them wants to turn their backs on that promise.

When dessert is brought in, each sees something different, something that seems to matter especially to that person, in their cookies. Eddie sees crickets, something he has struggled to get rid of in the basement of his house. Beverly sees blood which not only makes her think of the blood coming from her drain as a child, but also the blood Tom shed when they fought right before she left home. Each person is frightened by the things they see, but Bill will not allow them to react as they cannot appear to be unstable in front of the people of Derry. Bill says that Derry is part of It, and they cannot let the town stop them from what they have to do. The only problem is that none of them remember what it is they are supposed to do.

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