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It - Part Two, June of 1958: Chapter 7, The Dam in the Barrens Summary & Analysis

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Part Two, June of 1958: Chapter 7, The Dam in the Barrens Summary

Eddie is driving toward Derry through Boston. Eddie thinks about the past and remembers meeting Ben in the Barrens and the morning Ben showed Eddie and Bill how to make a better dam. Ben shows Eddie and Bill what he has in mind. Ben wants to stand up two boards in the middle of the stream and put dirt and debris between them, shoring them up so the pressure of the water will not knock them over. Ben has brought two boards with which to do this, so the boys get to work right away. The dam really works, much to Eddie and Bill's amazement. The boys take a break to have their lunch, and this is how Richie and Stan find them. The boys explain to the newcomers what they are doing, and they agree to help out.

After lunch, the boys discover that their dam is no longer wide enough to keep the water under control. Ben sends the boys to the dump to gather more materials while he stays behind to reinforce the debris in the center. When they return, the boys create a wider dam that miraculously controls the flow of water until they have a huge pool forming where there was once nothing but vegetation. Again the boys take a break. Bill asks the boys if he can tell them something. Bill quietly tells them about the picture in his brother's album and how the book began to bleed. Afterward, instead of laughing, Eddie begins to tell a story of his own.

Eddie likes to spend his Saturdays down at the train yards. The yards are not that busy anymore, not since the trains had stopped running through Derry like they once had. Eddie was heading home after being in the train yards one day and saw what he thought was a leper on the lawn of one of the many houses abandoned when the train yard closed. The leper spoke to Eddie, trying to get some money out of him, but Eddie just ran home.

A few weeks later, Eddie was curious if the leper was still there. Eddie approached the house at 29 Neibolt Street and found himself drawn to the windows under the porch that opened into the cellar. Eddie crawled under the porch and approached one of those windows, and suddenly the leper appeared. However, the leper was different, looked different, more like a walking corpse than a sickly tramp. Eddie quickly crawled back out from under the porch, but the leper followed. The leper called out to him, repeating the same things he had said before, but adding things. This leper told Eddie that he should go with him as everyone floats down where he lives. Eddie saw the rose buses where the leper appeared from under the porch suddenly turn black and die. Eddie got on his bike and escaped, never looking back. Ben tells them all then about seeing the mummy on the frozen canal back in January. Bill asks Richie and Stan if either of them have ever seen anything suspicious. Stan seems about to answer when they are interrupted by Mr. Nell, a local beat cop.

Part Two, June of 1958: Chapter 7, The Dam in the Barrens Analysis

Ben, Bill and Eddie begin to build a dam in the Barrens, becoming friends through their play. After lunch, Richie and Stan join them, introducing their characters to the reader once more, this time in their childhood form. Richie is a funny kid who is often speaking in voices, though as a child he is not very good at it. The reader already knows Richie will become good enough at it as an adult that he makes a living at it, so this little information is interesting to the reader as they might wonder how he became so much better at it. After Richie and Stan join the group, they join in the building of the dam and make a successful dam that floods a large section of the Barrens.

During a break, Bill tells his friends about his experience with the photo album in Georgie's room. Instead of laughing at him, Eddie adds his own story to Bill's. Eddie saw a leper at the house on 29 Neibolt Street, an address that will become important in the following chapters, and is chased by this leper. Later, Eddie returns and finds another leper, a strange leper, that also chases him. However, there is something more horrifying about this second leper. Not only that, but this second leper talks about floating where he lives, something the clown told George before he died and the mummy told Ben back in January. Ben tells his story too, and the boys begin to see the similarity in their different stories. Bill asks if anything strange has happened to the other two boys, and it seems Stan is about to say something when they are interrupted. The reader is left to wonder what Stan's story might be and when they will be allowed to hear the story. Stan appears frightened, so the reader knows it will be something very terrifying, just like Eddie's story. The reader also recalls Mike's story from the previous chapter, sees the similarities, and wonders when he will be connected to this growing circle of friends.

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