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"After a sensual life he is carried off by the Devil, but in the final act he is regenerated and his soul is saved..."
Introduction, p. 7

"My dear sir, I realize that you are well disposed toward me, and I know myself what you have been telling me. But I have gone further than you think and have pledged myself to the devil with my own blood, to be in his eternity, body and soul. How then, can I return? Or how could I be helped?"
Introduction, Chap. 4, pp. 16-17

"They fight and push each other, coax and vex,
And, as in famine time, for bread at baker's door,
To get a ticket almost break their necks."
The Prelude in the Theatre, p. 71

"My pathos would be sure to make you laugh,
Were laughing not a habit you've unlearned,
Of suns and worlds I know nothing to say;
I only see how men live in dismay."
Prologue in Heaven, p. 85

"I am the spirit that negates.
And rightly so, for all that comes to be
Deserves to perish wretchedly;
'Twere better nothing would begin.
Thus everything that your terms, sin,
Destruction, evil represent -
That is my proper element."
Study, p. 161

"Do magic smells surround me here?
Immediate pleasure was my bent,
But now - in dreams of love I'm all but spent,
Are we mere puppets of the atmosphere?"
Evening, p. 267

"How I once use to scold along
When some poor woman had done wrong.
How for another person's shame
I found not words enough for blame.
How black it seemed - I made it blacker still,
And yet not black enough to suit my will.
I blessed myself, would boast and grin -
And now myself am caught in sin."
At the Well, p. 339

"You who surround his head in airy beauty
Prepare to do the elfins' noblest duty:
Relieve the bitter conflict in his heart,
Remove the burning arrows of remorse,
And cleanse his mine of memories that smart."
Act One, p. 423

"Through all the world I only raced:
Whatever I might crave, I laid my hand on,
What would not do, I would abandon,
And what escaped I would let go.
I would only desire and attain,
And wish for more, and thus with might and main
I stormed through life, first powerful and great,
But now with calmer wisdom and sedate..."
Midnight, p. 459

"Discords I hear; a most revolting strumming
Come from above with the unwelcome dawn;
It is the boyish-girlish bungle-humming
On which the sanctimonious like to fawn."
Entombment, p. 477

"Turn toward clarity,
Flames of love, speed!
Those damned by deed
Are healed by verity -
Joyous retrieval
From earthly evil -
They find impunity
In cosmic unity."
Entombment, p. 485

"Saved is the spirit kingdom's flower
From evil and the grave;
'Who ever strives with all his power,
We are allowed to save.'"
Mountain Gorges, Forest, Rock and Desert, p. 493

This section contains 489 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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