Faust - Goethe's Faust: Contents and Comments, Dedication Summary & Analysis

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Goethe's Faust: Contents and Comments

Included with the standard table of contents are comments and explanations of the acts and scenes in Part One.


Faust is approached by the devil. Faust asks if he should hold the devil fast. Are the dreams of youth still important, or has wisdom showed Faust the error of his ways and the futility of his situation?

Faust laments the fact that his friends and family are gone. There is no one to applaud Faust now except for strangers. Faust weeps for his past.


The Dedication can be seen as an epilogue in that it details the end of Faust's life and the realization of what he has done to gain his earthly desires and treasures.

Faust is at the end of his life. The devil is coming to collect Faust's soul; the souls that Faust gave up freely as a young man. Faust weeps for what he has lost and realizes that the things he longed for in his youth cannot compare to the things he should have cherished. Faust grieves for his decisions but faces the devil with readiness.

This section contains 202 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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