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Consider the "Prologue in Heaven." Do you believe Mephistopheles would have been able to toy with Faust if he had not had the Lord's permission? Do you believe in reality the Lord actually sends the devil to test people on earth today?

Why is it significant that Mephistopheles first appeared to Faust as a poodle? Discuss the role of this poodle.

Explore Mephistopheles' lack of power as evidenced in play. Compare and contrast his evidences of power with those of his lack of power.

Consider how much more seriously an unwed pregnancy was judged in Faust's time as compared to modern times. How might this story have played out differently if it had occurred in modern times?

Faust's agreement with Mephistopheles is that he will serve Mephistopheles in the afterlife if Mephistopheles can introduce him to some pleasure that makes him want to live. Do you think Mephistopheles succeeded in this pact?

At the end of the play it is declared that Gretchen soul is redeemed. In your opinion what is the status of Faust's soul? Is he redeemed or doomed? Explain your answer.

Discuss the differing reactions to the jewels given to Gretchen. Consider the reactions of Gretchen, her mother, the priest and Martha. Why did each react differently and for what reason?

This section contains 220 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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