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"Thus on these narrow boards you'll seem / To explore the entire creation's scheme - / And with swift steps, yet wise and slow / From heaven, through the world, right down to hell you'll go!" Prelude on the Stage, lines 239-242.

"The little earth-god still persists in his old ways, / Ridiculous as ever, as in his first days. / He'd have improved if you'd not given / Him a mere glimmer of the light of heaven; / He calls in Reason, and it has only increased / His power to be beastlier than a beast." Prologue in Heaven, lines 281-286.

"Well that's Philosophy I've read, / And Law and Medicine, and I fear / Theology too, from A to Z; / Hard studies all, that have cost me dear. / And so I sit, poor silly man, / No wiser now then when I began." Night, lines 354-359.

"I have a potion here whose work's soon done; / Its dizzying liquid fills you, dark and brown. / I made and mixed it well, as I know how. / And so, with all my heart, I raise it now: / With this last festive drink I greet the rising sun!" Night, lines 732-736.

"Go, chant elsewhere to tenderer souls! For I / Can hear the message, but believe no longer." Night, lines 764-765.

"In this world I will bind myself to cater / For all your whims, to serve and wait on you; / When we meet in the next world, some time later, / Wages in the same kind will then fall due." Faust's Study (II) 1666-1669.

"If ever I lie down in sloth and base inaction, / Then let that moment be my end! / If by your false cajolery / You lull me into self-sufficiency, / If any pleasure you can give / Deludes me, let me cease to live! / I offer you this wager!" Faust's Study (II) 1692-1698.

"Do you know me now? Skinny, cadaverous bitch, / do you know your lord and master? Why don't I / Smash you to pieces, tell me why, / You and your ape-familiars? Must I teach / You some respect for my red doublet? What / Is this cock's feather, eh? My face / have I been hiding it? You learn your place, / Old hag! Am I to name myself or not?" A Witch's Kitchen, lines 2481-2488.

"Oh, sublime Spirit! You have given me, / Given me all I asked for. From the fire / You turned your face to me and not in vain. / You gave me Nature's splendor for my kingdom, / and strength to grasp it with my heart." A Forest Cavern, lines 3217-3221.

"Besides, when he's there, I never could pray, / And that's what's eating my heart away. / Dear Heinrich, tell me you feel the same way!" Martha's Garden, lines 3498-3500.

"I cannot loose the Avenger's bonds or open his bolts! - Save her! - Who was it who ruined her? I, or you?" A Gloomy Day. Open Country, lines 44-46.

"My mother's dead; I poisoned her, you see. / I drowned my child when it was born. / Hadn't it been God's gift to you and me?" A Prison, lines 4507-4510.

This section contains 503 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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