Faust. First Part Setting & Symbolism

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Mephistopheles meets with Lord and His archangels in Heaven to ask permission to tempt Faust.

Faust's Study

It is in Faust's study that Mephistopheles appears to Faust as a poodle, then transforms into his human form.

Auerbach's Tavern in Leipzig

Mephistopheles first takes Faust here to enjoy the pleasures of drink.

The Witch's Kitchen

This is the spot where Faust drinks a potion to make himself appear younger. He also first sees an image of Gretchen in a mirror in this kitchen.


Mephistopheles places jewels two different times in a cabinet in Gretchen's room to help Faust woo the girl.

Martha's House

Martha convinces Gretchen to keep her second set of jewelry at Martha's house so that her mother will not find it and give it to the priest as she did with the first set of jewelry.

A Daisy

Gretchen pulls the petals from this flower to determine if Faust really loves her or not.

Sleeping Potion

Faust gives Gretchen this potion to give to her mother so the mother will sleep through their rendezvous. Gretchen apparently gives her mother too much of the potion and her mother dies.

Martha's Garden

It is here that Gretchen asks Faust whether or not he believes in God.

A Well

It is near this well that Gretchen and a friend discuss Barbara's out of wedlock pregnancy.

A Statue of the Virgin Mary

It is in front of this icon that Gretchen prays for Mary to forgive her of her sin of fornication.

The Street Outside Gretchen's Home

Gretchen's brother Valentine is killed in this street by Mephistopheles and Faust as Valentine tries to defend his sister's honor.


Walpurgis is noted in the play as a night of wild witching. It is generally thought to be a night when supernatural powers are heightened.

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