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David Levithan
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A is an undefined being who wakes each day in a new body. A is neither male nor female. For the purpose of continuity, A is referred to as “he“ throughout this guide. He is a thinking being but not human and apparently not demonic. He has his own memories but is able to tap into the memories and knowledge of the person whose body he inhabits. That means he is able to get through most days without arousing suspicion as to his presence. As a rule, the friends and family of the inhabited person simply chalk A’s presence down to distraction or an off day. A doesn’t know why he is in this situation, but he chooses to be very conscientious about the lives of the people he inhabits. He seeks to maintain a low profile throughout the day and goes out of his way to avoid making decisions that will affect the life of the person he inhabits.

He also avoids making real connections with people because he knows he’ll be gone the following day. As a child, he is infuriated when people talk about “tomorrow” because he knows he will be in a different body living a different life with different people. As he ages and realizes he is different - that most people don’t hop from one body to the next - he keeps a distance from the people around him in an effort to avoid the pain of losing them at the end of the day.

That changes the day he meets Rhiannon. From the beginning, A feels that Rhiannon is in a bad relationship though she seems to honestly care about her boyfriend, Justin. Over the course of the day he is in Justin’s body, A connects with Rhiannon and falls in love. Over the next few days he finds ways to be near her and confesses his true nature. While Rhiannon does accept that A is what he claims to be, she realizes she can never have a normal relationship with him. She struggles with his changing appearance each day but continues to feel a growing love for A.

A has made a mistake by leaving access to his email on the computer of one of the boys he inhabits - Nathan Daldry. A leaves Nathan’s body on the side of the road well after his curfew. Nathan has the distinct memory of having been not quite in control of his body the day before and claims demonic possession. With access to A’s email address, he contacts A and demands answers. A eventually confesses his true nature to Nathan who calls on his priest for help. When they meet for the first time, A discovers that the Reverend Poole is actually being inhabited by another being, apparently someone similar to A, though inherently evil.

Realizing that he can’t give Rhiannon the relationship she deserves and that he can never remain in any body more than a day, A does the next best thing. While in the body of a boy named Alexander, A plants the memory of meeting Rhiannon for the first time and falling in love with her, almost at first sight. He begs Rhiannon to give Alexander a chance, knowing that Alexander is a good guy and that he can make Rhiannon happy. The next day, A wakes in the body of a girl named Katie and plans to leave the area in order to fully break off contact with Rhiannon.

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This section contains 592 words
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