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Eva Luna Setting & Symbolism

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South America

The novel takes place in South America, though the specific country is never named.

Calle Republica

The name of the street in the red light district where Eva lives with La Senora.

Agua Santa

The small village in the mountains where Eva lives with Riad Halabi and his wife Zulema.

The Pearl of the Orient

The store in Agua Santa owned by Riad Halabi.

Santa Maria

The island penal colony where Melesio is imprisoned for a year. Later in the novel Eva and Rolf assist Huberto in breaking nine guerrilla fighters out of the prison.

Universal Matter

The material that Eva learns to make while working for a Yugoslavian woman. The material can be molded into anything and then painted. Eva helps Huberto smuggle the Universal Matter into the prison on Santa Maria. The prisoners use the matter to create lifelike grenades, fooling their captors into thinking they are armed.

La Colonia

The village in South America where Rolf goes to live with his aunt and uncle. The town resembles a village in Austria, Rolf's homeland.

The Red Light District

A section of town in the capital, the red light district is where questionable activities take place, such as gambling and prostitution.

Ministry of Defense

The offices of General Rodriguez, where Eva is summoned and the general asks her to convince Huberto to accept a peace treaty.


The country where Rolf Carle was born. Rolf lived in a village with his parents and siblings until his father was murdered and Rolf was sent to South America to live with family.

This section contains 265 words
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