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Eva Luna - Chapter Eleven Summary & Analysis

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Chapter Eleven Summary

Rolf documents a brutal murder of guerrilla prisoners and takes the pictures and video to the opposing party of the president. The president promises a full investigation but instead a full cover-up takes place. To placate the opposition, nine guerrillas are moved to the penal colony on Santa Maria and the uproar dies down.

Elvira tells Eva that a ghost is haunting their house, but in reality it is El Negro, looking for Eva. Huberto wants Eva to draw up plans for the uniform factory so that the guerrillas can steal uniforms and free their comrades from Santa Maria. Mimi catches wind of the plan and begs Eva to stay out of it. Eva argues that they cannot keep turning a blind eye but Mimi argues that by doing so they are living quite well.

Eva meets Huberto at the zoo with Mimi in tow. The three meet several times over the next few days, and Huberto comes up with a plot to kidnap Colonel Rodriquez in order to exchange him for the prisoners in Santa Maria. The idea ebbs and flows, and a timeline is argued about. Mimi's knowledge of the inside of Santa Maria is very helpful, and she continues to help for Eva's sake. As the deadline draws near, Eva suddenly remembers Universal Matter and another plan comes into play.

Eva is spirited into the mountains by El Negro and they stop in Agua Santa. Unable to stay away, Eva stops at the Pearl of the Orient to see Riad Halabi. Now married to a young girl, Riad does not recognize that Eva is in his store and he does not even look up to answer her queries. Eva is happy for him. Luna makes El Negro stay until dark when she searches the outskirts of the jungle and digs up the jewels she buried so long ago.

In the jungle, Eva mixes the dough that will become Universal Matter. Rolf arrives to her surprise, to cover the story that Rogelio has told him will take place. Eva sleeps fitfully, dreaming of an unknown lover. Waking she stretches and goes outside to find Rolf and the two sit quietly waiting for dawn. Eva discovers that she is once again menstruating, something she has not done in years. Eva looks at this as an omen, that she will no longer dream of Zulema. The plan is in motion before Eva realizes it and she is taken to the local bus stop by El Negro. Arriving at home late that night, Mimi and Elvira greet her happily, wondering what has gone on as there has been no news on the radio. Eva explains that this is good news. If the escape was a success the government would not want the news broadcast. Rolf arrives later with the news that the prisoners have escaped successfully with no injuries. Carle takes Eva and they drive to La Colonia, where Eva can be safe until things blow over, on the off chance that someone in Agua Santa recognized her. There Eva meets Rolf's family, who love her as much as she loves them on sight.

Rolf relates the tale of the escape for Eva that evening. The prisoners used the smuggled in Universal Matter to make items shaped like grenades. Huberto and his men had shown up at the gate in stolen uniforms and no one had thought to question them as the guard is changed on Saturday. Eva wishes that people could know the truth of what happened and Rolf tells Eva that they will broadcast the report and if all else fails she will write it into her storyline. Eva does, titling her project, Bolero, which becomes very popular in the country.

Eva is summoned to the Department of the Defense to meet with now General Rodriguez. Rodriguez wishes for Eva to change portions of her story so that the government does not look so foolish in the retelling of the escape. The General also asks Eva to intervene with Comandante Rogelio and have the man surrender, promising he will not be harmed. Eva does not trust the general but refrains from saying so. The general bids Eva farewell, expressing regret for letting her go. Eva comments that he must be referring to her relationship with Rolf Carle and that she hopes it lasts forever. The two part, not enemies, not friends, and Eva moves on in life once again.

Chapter Eleven Analysis

The novel continues to move at a very quick pace as the lives of the main characters intersect as the conclusion draws near. Rolf becomes more involved with the movement of the guerrillas, documenting atrocities against prisoners that come back to haunt the government. The attempt at a cover up is not possible as long as the political powers know that Rolf's documentation exists. Trying to calm the public outrage, prisoners are transferred to Santa Maria, the prison where Mimi was held so many years ago. Coincidentally, Santa Maria is not far from the village of Agua Santa, where Eva was so happy with Riad Halabi.

Huberto gets in touch with Eva, hoping that she will be able to provide him with the layout of the uniform factory, unaware that she no longer works there. Eva tells Huberto about her friendship with Colonel Rodriquez and though he does not react visibly, Eva knows that he is angry. This proves Eva's feelings that Huberto does not consider women as important as men. Huberto has controlled their relationship from the beginning, yet Eva is expected to wait for him, no questions asked for weeks or months at a time. As a result of this, Eva does not tell her lover about the changes that have taken place in her life, or her budding relationship with Rolf.

Despite the fact that Mimi lives as a woman, she speaks in her man's voice when telling Huberto exactly what she thinks of involving Eva in his plans. Huberto is even more stunned when Mimi draws him a map of the inside of Santa Maria, something that will help immensely when it comes to breaking the prisoners out of the prison. The final piece to the escape plane comes when Eva remembers Universal Matter. The question of smuggling weapons into the prisoners has been solved. The men inside will not have real weapons, but the guards will never know.

All of the important people in Eva's life converge, including Elvira, her beloved abuela. When Eva travels into the mountains with El Negro to put Huberto's plan in motion, she makes the man stop in Agua Santa so that she can check on Riad. Eva is pleased that the man she loved has found happiness and that he has prospered. The last stop for Eva in the village she called home for so long is to dig up Zulema's jewels. Eva will give them to Mimi so that she can have the operation she desires to make her a true woman.

Rolf's arrival in the mountains to document the escape seems a sign from Eva that they are destined to be together. That evening Eva dreams of an unknown lover, one that she is drawn to in an almost violent way. Waking in the morning, Eva discovers that she is menstuating again. To Eva, this is a sign that she will finally be free of Zulema haunting her dreams and thoughts.

The escape works, and Huberto is able to free his men with no violence. The government is embarrassed, especially when Eva includes the details in her television drama. A phone call from Colonel Rodriguez, now a General, frightens Eva a bit, but she holds her head high when meeting with him. The general knows that Eva must have some inside knowledge of the escape, but does not threaten her in any way. Instead he simply asks Eva to make some slight changes so that the government does not look so foolish. The general's request that Eva intervene with Huberto is met with resistance, simply because Eva cannot fathom the idea that Huberto would give up his ideals.

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