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Eva Luna - Chapter Nine Summary & Analysis

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Chapter Nine Summary

Rolf Carle continues his life making documentaries and becomes somewhat famous. He lives to document history, but when not doing so, visits his family in La Colonia often, playing with his uncle's dogs and his cousins' babies. Rolf seems content and happy.

Eva runs into Huberto in the capital, a changed man. He recognizes her at once because of her eyes and the two share a happy reunion, having coffee and then making love. Mimi is not as pleased as Eva, telling her friend that Huberto has always been trouble and will stay that way. Eva does not like Mimi's opinion and quiets her.

Life has changed once again for Eva. Mimi has become a well known actress and the money she makes allows the two friends to move to a more spacious, beautiful apartment. In the capital, Eva looks for her madrina, finding her a shriveled old woman, almost mad. Eva places her madrina in a hospital, but the old woman slits her own throat, torn apart by the life she has led. The madrina is then placed in an institution, but Eva cannot bear to see her suffer there. Mimi finds a private clinic where madrina can stay and pays for one month. Eva takes a job in a factory in order to keep her madrina there. Mimi encourages Eva to make a living writing but she does not see this as a possibility.

Eva continues to see Huberto, longing to make him love her and stay with her, but he continues to be mysterious, telling Eva that she must keep their relationship a secret or he might be injured. Eva allows Huberto to control their relationship, never mentioning her past or her relationship with Riad, for fear of making Huberto jealous.

The truth about Huberto becomes known when two policemen are killed outside the factory where Eva works. Eva is upset because she knew the men and they had families. Eva realizes that Huberto is involved with the terrorists, though he explains that he fights so that the terror visited on his countrymen stop. Eva realizes that to Huberto, like so many others, women do not matter, that men need to make the decisions. How women fare after the revolution will not be important. For the first time Eva and Huberto part in anger, but Eva takes him back when he returns two weeks later.

Chapter Nine Analysis

Rolf Carle is briefly mentioned, as are his growing fame and the work he loves. Rolf lives to document history, winning awards and growing famous in many countries. Carle also still cherishes his family, visiting his uncle, aunt and cousins in La Colonia as often as he can.

Eva's life changes for the better again, as Mimi becomes a famous actress and the two are able to live comfortably. This comfort drives Eva to find her madrina, whom she takes care of as anyone would if they found family in such a situation. Mimi's immediate assistance provides the reader with insight into the depths of friendship the two share. It appears that Eva has finally found someone like herself, caring and considerate of others with whom to enjoy life.

It seems that several years pass, though no sense of time is given. The fact that Eva attends the university to obtain a bachelor's degree while working in a factory brings the passage of time to the reader's awareness. The fact that Eva works in a factory that makes uniforms for the police and the army seems insignificant, but will be important later in the novel.

The return of Huberto Naranjo to Eva's life has seemed predestined and the two are happy to see each other. Huberto finally sees Eva as a woman and Eva is allowed to love the man that she has worshiped for so long. Huberto urges Eva to keep the relationship a secret but refuses to tell her why. The only person that Eva tells is Mimi, who tells Eva that she has known Huberto since he was a boy and he will never amount to any good. For the first time the two disagree and Mimi backs down, watching unhappily as Eva becomes more enthralled with Huberto.

Eva has two revelations in this time period. The first is that Huberto is a guerrilla, working to undermine the government. Eva is stunned. Though her life has improved dramatically, Eva has not turned a blind eye to the unrest in the country, and having someone she loves directly involved in it allows her to see things from a different perspective. The second thing Eva realizes is that Huberto talks of changing things and making the country a better place where they can live and love openly, the only changes he really wants are for men. Women are still a sub-culture—there, but not really important.

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