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Eva Luna - Chapter Seven Summary & Analysis

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Chapter Seven Summary

Rolf Carle is working for Senor Aravena, who tells him that unrest is in the air. Rolf begins to check into things and discovers that his mentor is correct. The General, so long in power, is disliked by many, and protests begin in earnest and within days the powerful men of the country begin to flee. Though not without bloodshed and loss of life, the people successfully revolt and the first steps toward democracy are made.

In Agua Santa, Eva is unaware of the upheaval taking place as no one so far from the cities pays much attention to the politics of the country. Though news reaches the small town, Riad Halabi tells Eva that democracy has little to do with them and life will not change.

Huberto Naranjo also watches the changes that are taking place in the country. Things change when El Negro invites him to a secret meeting and Huberto meets guerrillas. Stunned, Huberto realizes that he is not alone in his thinking that life is unfair. Huberto enlists and works in the city, causing disruptions, painting walls, and handing out flyers. Sent to the mountains, Huberto realizes how hard things are for the young men that fight. As a guerrilla, Huberto learns new meanings for solitude, and silence. Living in the mountains is not easy, but somewhere along the way the young man realizes that this is what he is meant to do. The love he has for his men transforms him. It is in the mountains that Huberto meets Rolf Carle, and the two develop an unlikely friendship.

Chapter Seven Analysis

Years pass for the different characters of the novel. Rolf Carle grows into a man, intent on making a name for himself, but at the same time he sees the changes in the world around him and is drawn in. Though his intent is to document history, he also feels for the people around him and helps where he can. This can sometimes be tricky, as the country is still corrupt, despite the overthrow of the government. Though democracy is making headway, the exiled leaders of the past are returning and the people in the country are set in their ways.

Eva still lives her quiet life in Agua Santa. The remoteness of the village is highlighted to the reader when the news of the overthrown government and the introduction of democracy does not interrupt the party that Riad Halabi is throwing to raise money for a new school roof. Though Eva greets the man with the news of the upheaval, he is not concerned, explaining that what is happening so far away will not affect them.

Three main characters are obviously headed for some type of connection. Huberto has discovered his calling as a guerrilla Fighting for freedom and living in the mountains is a far cry from the cons that he used to run in the city, however he seems truly happy with his new mission in life. The fact that Huberto is operating in the mountains will put him in closer proximity to Eva. The two have not seen each other since before the Revolt of the Whores, and both have changed dramatically over the years.

Rolf Carle is changed as well, using his skills with documentaries to make sure that the revolution and birth of democracy is recorded. Despite his effort to maintain his status as an observer and recorder of news, Rolf is drawn into the battle as well, helping those when he can in an effort to birth democracy. Working in the fields, Rolf too earns the respect of the citizens and his honesty and integrity are well known. As a result of this Rolf meets Huberto Naranjo.

This section contains 627 words
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