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Ann Aguirre
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Enclave is the first novel in the Razorland Series by Ann Aguirre. This novel tells the story of Deuce and Fade, two teens living in the College Enclave in what were once the underground subway tunnels beneath New York City. Deuce has always wanted to be a huntress for the enclave and is overjoyed when she achieves her desire. However, events unravel to make Deuce question the leadership of the elders in the enclave and the blind adherence to the rules of most of her fellow citizens. When her friend, Stone, is accused of a crime Deuce knows he did not commit, she takes responsibility for him and is cast out of the enclave. Deuce leaves with Fade, her hunting partner and co-confessor, to discover that the world topside is nothing like the elders always claimed it would be. Enclave is a fascinating look at a post-apocalyptic world with teenagers as the heroes and villains.

Deuce celebrates her naming ceremony with her good friends, Stone and Thimble. They open a can that they found months ago and saved for this happy moment. Inside they find a card with writing on it. To protect themselves from punishment, they quickly turn the card into the Wordkeeper, as per the rules of the enclave.

A short time later, Deuce is introduced to her new hunting partner, Fade. Fade is an outsider, a young man who was found in the tunnels some years ago. Fade survived in the tunnels alone for a long period of time, a fact that causes both fascination and distrust among the members of the enclave. Deuce is not happy to be partnered with him, but it seems he is not overjoyed to be partnered with her, either.

Deuce and Fade's first few times in the tunnels alone together go well despite their distrust of one another. Then, one afternoon while hunting they come across a blind child trapped inside one of the many metal structures in the tunnels. Without speaking, Fade and Deuce decide to save the boy. They fight off Freaks, the zombie-like creatures that populate the tunnels, before saving the boy. They decide to take the boy back to the enclave even though they know they will be punished for returning without completing the day's duties.

Deuce and Fade turn the boy over to the leaders. The boy tells them that his enclave, Nassau, has been overrun by Freaks. The leader of the hunters, Silk, decides as punishment to send Deuce and Fade to Nassau to check out the boy's story. It is a long trip and it is doubtful that Deuce and Fade will survive. To add to the tension, Fade blames Deuce for not protecting the young blind boy from the elders whom they both assume killed the boy.

The trip to Nassau is long and tough. They run into many Freaks, including a group who appear to be more intelligent than the ones they have encountered in the past. When Deuce and Fade arrive at Nassau, they discover that the enclave has been overrun with Freaks and everyone is dead. They begin the return journey to their own enclave with heavy hearts. As they travel, the run into a strange enclave that lives in the wall of the tunnels and have adapted to the darkness of the tunnels. Upon return to her enclave, Deuce arranges a trade agreement between the two groups.

A short time after returning to the enclave, Deuce returns from a hunting trip to discover her friend, Stone, being accused of stealing a book from the Wordkeeper. Deuce confesses to the crime to protect Stone and Fade backs her up. This causes both Deuce and Fade to be exiled from the enclave. They leave immediately and are forced to find a way to survive topside. Once topside, they become a target of a gang that lives in the buildings there. They manage to outsmart the gang, but then find themselves overrun by Freaks who have also found their way topside.

Deuce and Fade decide to leave the city. They take with them two survivors of the gang who realize teaming up with Deuce and Fade is the only way to survive the Freaks. They spend the winter in a cabin in the woods. In the spring, they continue north, but soon run into a group of Freaks who have taken over an entire town. Despite serious injury, they manage to survive until they are rescued by a man who takes them to a walled city filled with survivors of all ages.

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