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C. C. Hunter
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Chosen at Nightfall is the fifth novel in the Shadow Falls Series by C.C. Hunter. In this novel, Kylie Galen returns to Shadow Falls after an attack on one of her friends suggests her old nemesis named Mario is in the area. Kylie struggles with her return, not only because of the sudden break with her boyfriend before she left, but because she worries about the teenaged chameleons like herself she left back at her grandfather’s compound. As Kylie struggles to find a way to free herself of Mario’s obsession, she is actually working to find a way to change generations of thinking. If she is successful, people like herself will live freely in the supernatural society, as well as a whole. Chosen at Nightfall is a satisfying conclusion to a popular young adult series.

Kylie Galen is having dinner with her grandfather and aunt when an alarm is raised in the chameleon compound. Kylie’s grandfather immediately sends her and her aunt to the barn with the other young chameleons to hide until the reason for the alarm is found. Kylie soon discovers that the alarm was caused by several of her friends from Shadow Falls who have come to take her back to Shadow Falls. It has been discovered that the chameleon who has been trying to kill Kylie is in the area. It is thought that Kylie would be more secure if she returned to Shadow Falls. Kylie’s reluctant grandfather agrees, and Kylie prepares to go back in the morning.

After Kylie is packed, she is trying to sleep when a teenage girl named Jenny comes to her window. Jenny tells Kylie that the leaders plan to keep her away from Shadow Falls rather than allow her to go. For this reason, Jenny has decided to help Kylie escape the compound that night. Jenny, it turns out, is the sister of Hayden Yates, a teacher at Shadow Falls who is also a chameleon and spy for Kylie’s grandfather. For this reason, Kylie trusts Jenny.

As Kylie and Jenny flee the compound, they are approached by Derek, a friend of Kylie’s. Derek takes over in helping Kylie flee while Jenny distracts the compound guards. They escape and are on their way to Shadow Falls when they are ambushed by Mario. Mario attacks them both, and there is a brief fight. Lucas, Kylie’s ex-boyfriend, joins the fight. Mario uses a mind trick to make Kylie think Lucas is Mario, and Kylie nearly strangles him to death. In the end, Mario flees because of some dead spirits who come to Kylie’s defense.

Kylie returns to Shadow Falls where she reunites with her friends, but she must also deal with seeing Lucas every day. While trying to find some peace at the Falls on her first day back, Kylie finds a sword. The sword glows whenever Kylie touches it. It also appears to have some magical qualities as it continuously shows up wherever Kylie is. At the same time, Kylie involves herself in helping Holiday, her mentor, discover whether or not she is pregnant. This leads to some drama when Kylie buys the pregnancy tests for Holiday and her mother becomes convinced she is the one who is pregnant.

Kylie never knew her father in life, but has spoken to his spirit and learned of his past. Kylie has wanted to know her father’s adoptive parents, but this has proven to be a struggle. Finally, however, Kylie meets the Brightens and learns more about her father’s childhood. It seems to be the cap on an adventure that satisfies Kylie’s curiosity.

As Kylie struggles in her own romantic life, she also struggles with her mother’s choice of boyfriends. During a visit at Shadow Falls, Kylie begins to wonder if her mother’s boyfriend is really who he claims to be. Then, while investigating the story of a ghost who has been visiting her, Kylie discovers that her mother’s boyfriend is really the son of her nemesis Mario. Kylie rushes to rescue her mother, forced into a final showdown with Mario. To her surprise, Mario’s son John kills Mario. Kylie manages to kill John.

After the fight, Kylie’s father comes to her and explains that it is time to tell her mother everything. With her father’s help, Kylie does just that. It takes time for her mother to accept it all, but she adjusts well enough to share the happiness of Holiday and Burnett’s wedding day with Kylie and her friends.

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This section contains 769 words
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