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Veronica Roth
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The following version of the novel was used to create this study guide: Roth, Victoria. Carve the Mark. Katherine Tegen Books, January 17, 2017.

NOTE: Words such as currentstream and currentgift are consistent with the spelling in the novel.

In the novel Carve the Mark by Victoria Roth, both Cyra and Akos are ashamed of the kill marks they have carved on their arms, marks considered honors by the rest of the Shotet community in which they reside. Akos does not like killing because he grew up in the more peaceful Thuvhe where violence was not celebrated. Cyra, on the other hand, is Shotet but has been manipulated into hurting so many people against her will that she longs for a different way of life. When their unusual circumstances bring them together, Cyra and Akos learn to love each other despite their differences. They band together in fighting against Ryzek, Cyra’s cruel brother and leader of the Shotet, and attempting to free Akos’ brother who was kidnapped and forced to work in Ryzek’s service.

The Noaveks, the Benesits, and the Kereseths (the three fated families of the Shotet and Thuvhe regions of Urek) lived as prisoners to their fates. Ryzek Noavek, leader of the Shotet, had the unfortunate fate of falling to one of the Benesit sisters, a fate he tried to overcome. In an attempt to manipulate the future to overcome his fate, Ryzek had Eijeh (the rising oracle of Thuvhe) kidnapped. Ryzek planned to use Eijeh’s ability to see the future to change his fate. During the kidnapping, Ryzek’s men also took Akos (Eijeh’s younger brother) who was fated to die in service to the Noavek family.

Meanwhile, Cyra Noavek, was getting tired of her older brother using her as an instrument of torture. Cyra’s currentgift, a gift given to everyone in the fictional universe where this novel is set, caused currents to run under her skin, a source of constant pain. Her brother took advantage of her gift because Cyra’s touch sent this painful current into other people. Cyra was almost incapacitated because no pain medication had been found to ease her pain that did not cause debilitating side effects. Hoping to make his sister more useful to him, Ryzek gave Akos to her because his touch interrupted the currents that flowed through her body, stopping her pain. Ryzek’s plan backfired when Cyra fell in love with Akos and turned completely against her brother.

Cyra turned away from her brother in small steps by first agreeing to help Akos free his brother, Eijeh from Ryzek’s service. After her brother forced her to participate in another interrogation by hurting Akos because she did not cooperate, Cyra turned completely away from her brother. She agreed to help a band of renegades in their plan to kill Ryzek. Unfortunately, Cyra was caught in the failed attempt. Ryzek publicly stripped Cyra of her rank and mutilated her face as a punishment. He informed the people that Cyra was responsible for killing their mother, the beloved Yilra, with her currentgift. He allowed anyone who wished to fight her in the arena. In her second day of fighting, Cyra was rescued by Akos.

Along with the renegades, Akos and Cyra planned an attack on Ryzek during a ceremony in which he said that he would be honoring his soldiers. Akos and Cyra knew he had kidnapped the sister of the chancellor of Thuvhe and intended to execute her in front of the people. The story reaches its climax when the chancellor’s sister is killed. Akos, Cyra, and the others manage to rescue Eijeh and take Ryzek captive.

Ryzek dropped two surprises on his sister after he was taken captive. First, he told her that she was not of Noavek blood. Second, he told her that Lazmet, his father, was still alive. This shocking information opens a story line for a planned sequel. The novel ends on a positive note because Akos has fulfilled his promise to rescue his brother from the Shotet.

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