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Blue Adept by Piers Anthony is the second novel in the Apprentice Adept series. Stile exists in two frames, Phaze and Proton, and must travel between the frames to uncover and destroy the unknown enemy who murdered his alternate self, the original Blue Adept of Phaze. Blue Adept is a fascinating novel that blends science fiction with fantasy as Stile alternates between frames ruled by each genre.

When Neysa is summoned by the Herd Stallion for breeding, Stile asks to delay her breeding since he needs her protection while searching for his anonymous enemy who killed his alternate self, the first Blue Adept, but the Herd Stallion challenges him to compete at the Unolympics for the priority of their claims. Hulk travels to the Oracle to ask how Stile can defeat the Herd Stallion, and Lady Blue tells Stile about how she met the first Blue Adept before Stile returns to Proton, where he acquaints Sheen with the recent events in Phaze and wins Round 1 of the Tourney. Back in Phaze, Hulk reports the Oracle's answer regarding the Platinum Flute of the Platinum Elves. Because Hulk is developing romantic feelings for Lady Blue, he returns to Proton to seek her alternate with Stile's blessing.

Lady Blue joins Stile and Neysa on their journey to the Mound of the Platinum Elves in the Purple Mountains, and Stile is allowed to borrow the Platinum Flute in exchange for slaying a dragon and agreeing to a quest to find the foreordained savior of Phaze, who will move the mountain when he plays the Platinum Flute. When Stile returns to Proton for the second, third and fourth rounds of the Tourney, he receives a summons from his employer, a Citizen, but the summons has been tampered with and directs Stile and Sheen to the address of the Satan-Citizen who nearly kills them. Stile narrowly escapes with Sheen's help.

At the Unolympics, Stile loses to the Herd Stallion, but the Herd Stallion yields back the issue while accepting the pride of victory because Stile only uses magic to make the contest fair. Returning to Proton, Stile receives a holo-tape that shows Hulk being killed by a female serf in a trap meant for Stile. Grieved over Hulk's demise, Stile vows an oath to destroy his enemy upon his return to Phaze. He and Neysa travel to the homes of known female Adepts to learn the identity of his enemy, and they discover that Stile's enemy is the Red Adept.

After winning Round 6 of the Tourney, Stile is matched with Clef in the seventh round, and after seeing Clef's skill in music, he sends Clef to the Platinum Elves with the Platinum Flute to try to make the mountain tremble with his playing. When Stile returns to Phaze, Lady Blue admits her love for Stile, and they are married. Neysa and Stile travel to the Red Demesnes to confront the Red Adept, and Stile's battle with the Red Adept occurs in both frames with Neysa helping him in Phaze and Sheen assisting in Proton. In Round 12 of the Tourney, Stile is matched against the Red Adept in a contest of narrative dance. When Stile feigns love for the Red Adept in accordance with the narrative, she disqualifies herself by attacking him because she cannot stand such humiliation due to her intense hatred for men.

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