Bleak House - Chapter 63-67 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 63-67 Summary

George sells his shooting gallery as he prefers to work for Sir Leicester. He travels north and meets his brother, receiving a warm welcome. He learns that his nephew Watt is getting married to Rosa, and agrees to give her away at the wedding. George writes to Esther, explaining why he had to hand Hawdon's letter over to Mr. Tulkinghorn.

Chapter 64 unveils Richard excited at the prospects of the new will. Mr. Jarndyce visits Mr. Woodcourt and asks Esther to join him. He doubts that he can make Esther as happy as Mr. Woodcourt can, learning that Mr. Woodcourt and Esther are in love. Esther agrees to marry Mr. Woodcourt. Mr. Guppy makes one last attempt to win her affection. He appears with his mother and Mr. Jobling in Bleak House and proposes to her. When Mr. Jarndyce refuses for Esther, Mrs. Guppy become so infuriated that she needs to be taken out of the house by her son and Mr. Jobbling.

In Chapter 65 the case in the matter of Jarndyce and Jarndyce is heard again to the amusement of all but those directly involved. As the entire estate has been absorbed in legal costs, the new will has not even been considered. Richard falls sick and dies. Miss Flite releases her birds.

In Chapter 66 Sir Dedlock managed to hush any rumors about his family. Lady Dedlock has been buried at the Chesney Wold mausoleum. Sir Leicester continues his dispute with Mr. Boythorn in his otherwise quiet estate. Volumnia entertains him with reading, bored with political matters. The life in Chesney Wold subsides into apathy.

Chapter 67 unveils Esther happily married for seven years. She takes care of Ada and her son, Richard, following his father's death, while she herself has two daughters. Mr. Jarndyce becomes guardian to Ada and her son, inviting her to stay with him. Charley marries a miller while Caddy learns to adjust to Mr. Turveydrop's habits. Mr. Jarndyce's generosity is rewarded as Ada's son becomes fond of him. The Eastern wind that used to worry Mr. Jarndyce now ceases.

Chapter 63-67 Analysis

George's family remains intact, reunited by his return. George decides to work for Sir Leicester and visits his brother. He manages to regain his relationship with his brother. His family survives due to its values and virtues.

Mr. Jarndyce recognizes the feelings Esther and Mr. Woodcourt have for each other and facilitates the confession of their feelings. Mr. Jarndyce wants Esther to be happy and thinks she would achieve that with Mr. Woodcourt. Esther agrees to marry Mr. Woodcourt, achieving happiness despite her background but due to her qualities.

The Jarndyce and Jarndyce case is heard but is found to be absorbed in costs and the new will cannot be considered, driving Richard into despair and death. Richard's tragic end seems to be deplorable partly due to its inevitability. Even despite various indications that no positive end can be expected, its lack of hope is disappointing.

There was never to be any hope in the gloomy and in need of much repair Chancery, absorbing lives and desires.

Ghostly sightings remain present in Chesney Wold, which becomes dull and empty. Sir Leicester realizes the extent of his love for Lady Dedlock, and is less interested in political life.

Family relations that are based on trust become the most successful and ultimately survive.

Despite Richard's death, both Esther and Ada lead a happy life.

Such an ending glorifies family life as most important, although if love is misguided it can also lead to destruction, as in Richard's example.

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