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William Cooper (novelist)
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William Cooper offers a lengthy analysis of the state of global events, presenting information, which he claims is secretly held by governments. Cooper argues that numerous secret societies exist, which were organized into a single massive society c. 1953; that a Secret Government, which controls everything, was established shortly after World War II; that the government seeks to eliminate population through various means and that extra-terrestrial intelligent life exists and often visits earth. In addition, Cooper offers auto-biographical information and proffers a plethora of putative facts regarding the massive and systematic disinformation campaign waged upon the public by those in power.

The text is comprised of materials from a variety of source; much of the contents are facsimile reproductions of disparate documents including letters, articles from newspapers and magazines, declassified government documents, legal proceedings, public documents and photographs. In addition, the text contains several, lengthy articles written at various times by Cooper; many of these articles were originally printed elsewhere, and some of them are addresses delivered to various groups. All of these various materials are presented with additional up-to-date commentary by Cooper. The arrangement of the text is confused, however, and much of the material presented appears largely or wholly irrelevant to the text's principle themes. The bulk of Cooper's textual theses are found in Chapters 2 and 12, while Chapters 5 and 9 supply tangential information. Most of the remaining chapters present documents that are largely unrelated or unimportant. The foreword presents autobiographical information about Cooper and is probably the most lucid segment of the text.

In brief, Cooper's thesis appears to be that shortly after World War II, the United States government established a Secret Government, which persists until the present time. The Secret Government is the actual controlling power of global politics and has the single goal of establishing a global, totalitarian socialist state—a modified version of Nazi Germany's Fascism. Since time immemorial, various secret societies have existed; they are all based upon the worship of the Biblical Lucifer, and the members of these societies seek personal knowledge or illumination—hence they are collectively referred to as the Illuminati. After World War II, all of the disparate secret societies were brought together in a single organizational structure known as the Bilderberg Group. The exact nature of the relationship between the Bilderberg Group and the Secret Government is difficult and obscure; the fact, however, is that both groups have similar goals and strategies and both groups are heavily infiltrated by members of the other group. In most of the text, Cooper seems to suggest that the two groups are, in fact, the same organization. Finally, the existence of UFOs and alien life forms was established shortly after World War II. Realizing that such knowledge would cause widespread panic the government decided to keep it secret. Vast networks of bases and entire organizations of personnel were subsequently organized to contain the alien situation, and political treaties were signed with alien nations. Today, the Secret Government seeks to dominate the alien presence and carry out its secret program of world domination.

In brief, the text is incredible, the many allegations undocumented, and the constant vituperation of public officials is offensive. For example, Cooper denigrates Pope John Paul II as a Nazi poison-gas salesman, who helped engineer HIV and deliberately distributed the virus in vaccinations. All of this is confounded by a confused textual development and seriously hampered by the haphazard compilation of the book. Finally, the total lack of credible supporting documentation or other evidence leads to the inescapable conclusion that the book is a hate-inspired and inflammatory work of ignorable fiction, designed to arouse fear and spread hatred.

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