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Lizzy Ford
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Autumn Storm is the second novel in the Witchling Series by Lizzy Ford. In this novel Autumn is a young woman who has recently suffered a car accident and has no memory of her past. Autumn arrives at the Witchling school with no idea of how to participate in the classes with her damaged body and her damaged mind. When Autumn meets the Turner twins it further complicates her situation as she is drawn to both young men. When a jealous ex-girlfriend attacks Autumn to punish her for her relationship with Beck, Autumn faces the hardest test of her life. Autumn Storm is the exciting sequel to Dark Summer, a continuation of Beck and Decker’s story that will leave the reader guessing until the end.

Autumn arrives at the Light Campus of Nataniel School with little idea of what to expect in the immediate future. Autumn is an orphan who was recently in car accident forcing her to spend several months in a hospital. Autumn is left with amnesia and a severe limp that makes walking a struggle. The school promises a much needed change, but Autumn is worried how she will fit in when she does not even know who she is.

Autumn goes to her first round of classes but feels clueless when it comes to discussions of magic. To make things worse, everyone around Autumn seems familiar in some way, especially Amber, the head of students, and the attractive Master of Light, Beck Turner. Autumn also begins to have flashes of what could only be memories, but they are memories that seem to belong to someone else. At times, Autumn even sees someone else’s face in the mirror, a situation that makes her question her sanity.

Autumn’s roommate, Dawn, is an angry, selfish girl who is in the early months of pregnancy. Autumn tries to be nice, but she is put off immediately when Dawn shows no respect for Autumn's few belongings and refuses to respect Autumn’s bathroom time. Beck offers to help Autumn with Dawn, but when Autumn learns that Beck is the father of Dawn’s baby, it only further complicates things.

Autumn and Beck spend time together and begin to feel drawn to one another. However, when Autumn meets Decker at a football game and later on the Light campus, there is something about him that seems so familiar. Decker, too, is attracted to Autumn. This is something that shocks Decker and leaves him feeling guilty because he recently lost his counterbalance, or soul mate, and feels as though he is betraying her with his attraction to Autumn.

After Autumn gently ends things with Beck, he begins to date another young girl who just came to the school. Dawn becomes outraged when she hears that Beck is dating again. When the girl disappears, Autumn begins seeing her spirit around the school. Eventually she convinces Beck that the girl is in danger and they need to find her. Unfortunately, when they find her, she is dead. Beck can see the girl’s final moments of life through is powers as the Master of Light and they show him that Dawn and one of her friends killed the poor girl.

As Beck struggles to deal with the girl’s death and Decker struggles with his feelings of guilt regarding his feelings for Autumn, Autumn finds herself in danger. Dawn and her friend lure Autumn out into the woods where they confront her about her relationship with Beck. An argument ensues and Dawn tells Autumn she is going to kill her. Dawn wants to kill Autumn so that Decker will turn on Beck. During the fight Autumn so enrages Dawn that she breaks the laws of Light magic and turns Dark. Beck shows up and helps Autumn break free of Dawn, but then Decker, who has been seduced by the Darkness and is out of control, arrives.

A fight begins between Decker and Beck. Autumn finds herself on the sidelines. Autumn knows she has to save the brothers from one another. Autumn uses her earth magic to pull Decker into the earth and help him heal. When Autumn is successful in saving both Decker and Beck, the earth magic shows her the truth about her identity. It turns out that Autumn is really Summer, Decker’s counterbalance, who turned Dark in an attempt to save a pet deer. Summer has gotten a second chance and she has turned herself back to Light. Now Autumn has returned to save Decker from himself and the Darkness that his role as the Master of Dark causes to become a force he often cannot ignore.

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