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Mohun Biswas

Mohun Biswas was born as a bad-luck child and grows up facing difficult situations with behaviors ranging from rage to farce. His life is a series of accidents, coincidences, and poor choices.


Shama is the girl that Mr. Biswas is manipulated into marrying. She is a dutiful wife, but her strong attachments to her family and her bad cooking generate a great deal of conflict between her and Mr. Biswas.


Bipti is the mother of Mr. Biswas. Widowed when Mr. Biswas is very young, she does not seem to have the capacity to deal with her family obligations. She eventually regains her vitality, but many years pass before she and Mr. Biswas truly come to know each other.


Raghu is Mr. Biswas’s father. He takes the ominous warnings of Mr. Biswas’s bad luck to heart and becomes afraid for his wealth, hoarding all his money so that his family suffered. He dies while diving into a pond trying to find Mr. Biswas.


Dehuti is the sister of Mr. Biswas, who goes to live with her mother’s sister, but shames the family by running off with the yard boy.

Prasad and Pratap

Prasad and Pratap are Mr. Biswas’s older brothers, who begin working when they are nine and eleven. When the family is broken apart, they go to work on sugar estates.


Tara is Bipti’s sister, married to a wealthy man, with no children of her own. She takes charge when there is a death in the family and has a collection of funeral pictures on her wall.


Ajodha is Tara’s husband; he has many different businesses, and allows Bipti and Mr. Biswas to live with some of his dependent relatives on the back trace of his property.

Mrs. Tulsi

Mrs. Tulsi is Shama’s mother, a widow who manipulates everyone around her. She traps Mr. Biswas into marriage just on the basis of a note.


Seth is Mrs. Tulsi’s brother-in-law, married to her sister Padma. He oversees the Tulsi businesses, but he has a corrupt side.


Hari is the son-in-law who serves as the spiritual leader of the household. He is a pundit, obsessed with his illnesses, his food, and his religious books.

Owad and Shekhar

Owad and Shekhar are Mrs. Tulsi’s only sons, making a total of sixteen children in all. They are called the little gods by Mr. Biswas because of the way they are spoiled by the rest of the family; Shekhar marries a Presbyterian woman and takes over her family’s cinema business. Owad becomes a doctor.


Savi is the oldest child of Shama and Mr. Biswas. As a child, she does not consider herself to be very smart, but as a young woman, her father discovers that she is very intelligent, and she is there to save the family when he can no longer support them.


Anand is the only Biswas son. He is shy, sensitive, and somewhat sickly; he forms a strong bond with his father, but as he gets older he begins to display some of the same nervous problems as Mr. Biswas, and they grow apart.

Myna and Kamla

Myna and Kamla are the youngest Biswas daughters. Mr. Biswas does not have the same connection to them that he has with Savi and Anand.

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