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Before a year has passed, Owad leaves Port of Spain and Mr. Biswas loses his job when the Community Welfare Department is abolished. He returns to The Sentinel, but now his salary does not even cover the interest of the loan for the house. He thinks about selling the Prefect, but Shama intervenes by being rude to a prospective buyer. She says she is not worried about the money. Working back at the paper is an effort; without ambition, his enthusiasm has diminished. As he ponders solutions to his debt predicament, he considers that his children can take responsibility, but Savi and Anand both receive scholarships and go abroad.

Anand’s letters begin showing signs of hysteria; his father understands and writes letters intended to calm and support him. Mr. Biswas falls into a pattern of waiting for the five years to be up and for Savi and Anand to return.

When he collapses at work and is taken to the hospital, the problem is not his stomach, as he would have thought, but his heart. Mr. Biswas is in the hospital for a month, and when he goes home, Shama and his two youngest daughters have painted the house and fixed up the garden.

The Sentinel puts him on half pay, so he goes back to work within a month. He suffers a second attack; this one is worse, and he has to spend six weeks in the hospital. He is given three months’ notice from The Sentinel, and he becomes desperate to talk to Anand. He writes a hysterical letter, and when Anand finally replies, he says he wants to come home.

In spite of his worries about money, Mr. Biswas is ready to borrow more to help Anand get back home. Then Anand changes his mind, but Savi returns, and Mr. Biswas is as happy to see her as if she were both herself and Anand. Just when Mr. Biswas is about to reach the end of his notice pay from The Sentinel, Savi gets a job with good pay. He writes to Anand, attributing the happy coincidence to God.

When Mr. Biswas dies, there is an article about him in The Sentinel. All of Shama’s sisters come to be with her, and when the service is over, Shama and the children go back to the empty house in the Prefect.


The family loyalty to Owad proves to be pointless as Owad leaves them behind to follow his own desires. While he has developed his brain, his heart seems to have shriveled.

Mr. Biswas’s deepest fears are realized when he loses his job and has to survive on his old pay with his new debts. Overseas, Anand seems to be having his own nervous problems, and Mr. Biswas tries to help him through letters, but Anand grows more and more distant, and will unfortunately never see his father again.

Shama demonstrates her fondness for Mr. Biswas when she tries to make some improvements on his house for him to enjoy upon his return from the hospital. Even though he is disappointed that Anand does not come home, Savi brings him joy and companionship in his final days, and he feels that she has grown to be a very intelligent young woman. There is poignancy at his death, as his family returns to the symbol of his life’s accomplishment, his house.


eminence, buffer, receded, constrained, lethargy, excursions, boisterous, grotesque, resounded, cremation

This section contains 582 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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