A House for Mr Biswas - Prologue Summary & Analysis

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Ten weeks before his death, Mr. Biswas is sacked from his job as a journalist. The family is living under challenging circumstances, but Mr. Biswas receives a sense of satisfaction from knowing that his wife Shama has not run to her mother for help. She has changed since they moved into their own house, and he considers that fact to be as rewarding as the actual acquisition of the house after years spent living with Shama’s family. As a boy, before he married into the Tulsi family, he has been compelled to move from one house of strangers to another. When he finally buys a house of his own, it has many problems that he has not noticed until they moved in and were settled. Nevertheless, he feels gratified in knowing that he has reached the end of his life with something to show for it.


Before the events of the novel begin, the reader is informed of how it will end. Without too many details, the prologue informs the reader that the book’s protagonist has lived a difficult life, but at the end, has accomplished what has been most important to him.


sacked, optimism, irretrievably, audacity, corrugated, precariously, conglomeration, leprous, destitute, squalor

This section contains 211 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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