A Handful of Dust - Chapter Seven, English Gothic III Summary & Analysis

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Chapter Seven, English Gothic III Summary

Richard Last and his wife have taken over Hetton. There are small changes to the estate; fewer servants and a few additions to the property, such as a silver fox farm. Otherwise, the new Lasts have preserved Hetton as Tony would have wanted. The family, which includes four children, is planning to have a memorial dedication to Tony. Brenda sends a message that she cannot make it to the memorial. She has remarried to Jock and the children do not hesitate to offer their opinions on her behavior.

Many relatives, friends, and neighbors are present for the dedication; even Lady St. Cloud, Brenda's mother. Mrs. Beaver, still trying to find opportunity in every situation, suggested they buy a stone for the memorial listing Tony's birth and death dates. As she and Richard reflect on Tony, one of the children, Teddy Last, is more concerned with the fox farm. He changes out of his memorial clothes quickly and heads over to tend to the foxes. Although unconcerned with the ceremony for Tony's death, Teddy has sincere hopes of returning Hetton to it's splendor in the days of his cousin Tony.

Chapter Seven, English Gothic III Analysis

Brenda has remarried and none of the sensible characters, represented here by her mother and the Lasts, look favorably on what she has done. It is interesting that in one of the early chapters it notes that everyone thought that Brenda would marry someone like Jock. Mrs. Beaver is overlooked again, despite her ill-intended outreach to Lady St. Cloud. She claims to have been one of Tony's closest friends and offers to arrange all types of renovation in the name of the memorial. Sensibility wins out here and Lady St. Cloud keeps the job of organizing the memorial within the Hetton estate, as Tony would have wanted it.

Tony's estate has come full circle and is complete with the peace that Tony once felt there. Richard Last and his family also have a true love for Hetton and are working hard to restore it. It seems like Teddy, the second eldest son, is a little cold at first concerning his cousin's death. But in the end he is like Tony. Strangely, "Teddy" is the name that Jenny Abdul Akbar continually called Tony in ignorance of his correct name. Tony is finally somehow compensated; his beloved home will remain a grand estate and he is remembered for loving it that way.

This section contains 418 words
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