A Handful of Dust - Chapter Three, Hard Cheese on Tony: Part Three Summary & Analysis

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Chapter Three, Hard Cheese on Tony: Part Three Summary

Much time has passed since the last communication between Tony and Brenda. She writes to let him know that she will visit Hetton over the weekend. Brenda plans to bring Polly and a new friend named Jenny Abdul Akbar. Brenda and Polly send Jenny ahead of them with hopes that Tony will start to like her. Princess Abdul Akbar is her official title and she is a very colorful woman, so much so that Tony can't even enjoy the fact that she truly appreciates his Hetton house. Jenny has renamed Tony, Teddy, without realizing her error, and the strange woman clearly makes Tony uncomfortable. She was once married to the prince of Morocco who carries the title the Moulay. She tells Tony and later John Andrew how the Moulay was a very grave man and she was mistreated while with him. John Andrew takes a liking to Jenny almost immediately. When Brenda arrives later, John begs for Jenny to come to his nursery and say goodnight. Brenda is thoroughly disappointed to learn that Tony detests Jenny completely.

The following day, John Andrew is the first to greet Princess Jenny Abdul Akbar. He already has what he hopes will be their day together mapped out in his mind. Jenny obliges the beginning of John Andrew's itinerary; church and time with Thunderclap. When they return, Brenda suggests showing Jenny the house and sends Tony off alone with her again. Jenny loves the house and is only disappointed by Brenda's work to modernize the morning room. Just as Jenny's topic of conversation began making Tony uncomfortable once again, he is saved by John Andrew. Content that she has done her part to help John deal with her absence, Brenda invites Tony to have tea with her and Polly to end their day.

Chapter Three, Hard Cheese on Tony: Part Three Analysis

More change is marked at the opening of this section, with Brenda apologizing for not calling or writing in a while. In previous chapters, it was noted that regardless of her behavior, she would call Tony and John Andrew every day. This letter quotes an economic subject, bimetallism, to authenticate her claims of economics studies. Brenda has also gotten into the habit of telling Tony to stay away from drinking, as if he has become an alcoholic. When Brenda met Beaver she made continual efforts to keep the power of the relationship on her side, and these mentions are her attempts to do the same with Tony. Brenda takes Tony's one moment of weakness and exaggerates it in order to make sure all of her misconduct can be ignored regardless. Brenda even convinced herself that she is justified in her affair because she has put up with living at Hetton. She sheds her final layer of guilt with her matchmaking attempt between Jenny and Tony. It is interesting that Brenda recognizes all of Tony's positive traits but speaks of them as a burden that she would gladly put off on another woman.

This section contains 519 words
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