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Although Father Ignatius C. Brady's entry from the first edition remains authoritative, significant progress has since been made in research on Peter Lombard. Most importantly, the new edition of the Book of Sentences to which Brady referred has become available in two volumes (Brady 1971–1981). Each of the two volumes contains an introduction, with detailed treatment of Lombard's life and works.

Brady's original entry requires two factual corrections. The first concerns the Summa Sententiarum, an important source of the Book of Sentences. This Summa Sententiarum has been identified as the work of Otto of Lucca—an identification that Brady himself accepted in a later publication (see Gastaldelli 1980, Brady 1986). Secondly, due to Lombard's indebtedness to the Summa Sententiarum, it now appears likely that he studied at Lucca, rather than at Bologna.

Brady spoke of the need to study Lombard against the background of his times, so that it might become possible to understand the superiority of the Book of Sentences by comparison with similar twelfth-century works. This task is addressed by Colish (1994).

The Book of Sentences was one of the most influential texts in medieval philosophy and theology. For recent research on the tradition of commentaries on the Sentences, see Evans (2002). Finally, for a concise introduction to the Sentences, see Rosemann (2004).

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This section contains 311 words
(approx. 2 pages at 300 words per page)
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