what is palisadeism

A notion in the behavior of all matter both physical & biological extended in other fields of study in sociology,theology,anthropology,physical & bio sciences including cognitive sciences the phenomenon of all matter to secure in a palisade domain from external threats or forces.

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Palisadeism: (noun) is a notion in social sciences, humanities and cognitive science to secure from both internal and external threats of fear as a socio-psychological physical reaction.

Hominids since pre historic evolution have with the climatic changes, habitat changes,dietary changes developed the cognitive matrix domain from 600 cubic centimeter to 800 cu centimeter of cranial matter to reveal a complex neural anatomical connectivity to sensory cortices for additional functions to embed natural phenomenons in fragmented concepts of perception data in assimilation, and in turn to release bio chemicals in blood streams to evoke awe and fear and a psycho-physiological reaction to palisade in social security or in collective foraging of fruits,roots and berries or hunting and sitting by the fire to cook or protect themselves from wild animals.The evolution of the hominids to extant genera homo sapien species with higher order of DNA genome code markers in the cognitive matrix resulted in that fear to the worship of the unexplained phenomenon in fear . This distinct psycho-social physiological fear in the cognitive matrix questions the ‘palisade’ embed in the human cognitive domain in the study and analysis of palisadeism.