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The patient was diagnosed with visual agnosia which meant that he did really see his wife as a hat. which prevents him from relating the parts of anything he sees to a coherent whole. Unable to maje any cognitive visual judgement, the musician in Dr. P employs an inner soundtrack -hummed tunes of his favourite Schumann- to help him coordinate simple everyday visual tasks. In this he is helped by his wife, who lays everything out -clothes, washing things, food- in a pattern they both know. This way they get by, but if interrupted by a sudden intrusion like ‘Philistine!’, Dr. P’s world falls apart and comes to a complete stop. It’s also clear that Mrs. P’s love is crucial for her husband’s compromised wellbeing. Dr. P asks the neurologist what he should do. The neurologist can offer no solution other than that he continue to give his shattered visual world coherence with music, building on what has been at the centre of his life