Reatha King

whatdid reatha clark king invent?

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Reatha Clark King is an African American chemist whose early research in fluoride chemistry aided NASA's space program. A large part of her career has been devoted to academic and scientific administration.

Reatha Clark King is an African-American administrator, educator, scientist, and philanthropist. Upon completing her graduate chemistry program studies, King did research work in fluorine flame colorimetry for six years at the National Bureau of Standards. She then became a professor of chemistry and associate dean at York College, and then moved on to earn her third graduate degree, this time in business. The President of Metropolitan State University in Minnesota for eleven years, she worked to promote opportunities for minorities and women in higher education. Currently, King is also retiring after fourteen years as president and executive director of the General Mills Foundation, a contributor to the area of education, health and social action, the arts, and cultural affairs.