Citric acid cycle

what is the importance of krebs cycle in our everyday lives? what is the importance of krebs cycle in electron transport systen? What are some problems to be encountered in krebs cycle?

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in the krebs cycle, acetate is fed in via the link reaction. it combines with a 4 carbon compund, to make citrate (6 carbon "). it is then dehydrogenated and decarboxylated. NAD is reduced as it takes the hydrogen. as co2 is emitted, a 5 carbon compund is made, which is decarboxylate and dehydrogentated into a 4 carbon compund. the whole cycle goes round 2 times per pyruvate molecule.

atp and glucose is made.

why we need this? for AEROBIC repiration to occur, so we survive.

problems encountered? might not have enough NAD to accept hydrogens which may cause the cycle to stop.

NADH and FADH2 is needed to give Hydrogen atoms to electron carriers in electron transport chain, so that chemiosmosis can occur, generating ATP when H ions pass out of ATP synthase

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