Does the stem-cell therapy conducted by springhill medical group effective?

I have been visiting this site, Springhill Health and Medical Group, and I find it very useful, in fact I tried every tip that I got.

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EmCell —Ālinic offers effective anti-aging treatment with fetal stem cells. Anti-aging therapy helps to improve overall physical condition of the patients resulting in less tiredness, improvement of gait and posture, and work capacity. Mental capacities improve, leading to acceleration of decision making and restoration of the short-term memory; and emotional balance is acheived. Anti-aging treatment with fetal stem cells leads to marked cosmetic effects, such as skin color improvement, fewer wrinkles, skin lifting and sparkling eyes.

I believe there is no further research about the side effects yet and there is no publicly known person who suffered from side effects.

Maybe because the side effects were long term that it cannot be determined right after the therapy, it could be possible.