I need detailed information on the five sources of theology, namely, experience, revelation, scripture, tradition, culture and reason.

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ljblc,i'm sorry your friend was so dissvmsiie. there is biblical precedent for the dark night. certainly, what Job experienced would be the dark night. i'm very grateful for mother teresa's book shining some light on a subject so few evangelicals know about. the books dark night of the soul' by st. john of the cross and interior castle' by teresa of avila both deal with it. if you find the english tranlations too difficult, there are some by a woman mirabai starr that are much easier to understand. she's not a christian but she's so upfront about that fact and any different use of language that i didn't have a problem with her translation at all. it was much easier to understand. blessings to you as you walk this dark path as well!