what is the aim of life.

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Unfortunately your question rubbs off a lot of answers depending on one's religious inclination.Life itself is not even easy to define, so also is the aim.Human beings always have ,'the one man's meat is another man's poison,' phenomenon.However i want to approach the question as simply as possible having noted the above complexities.Physical life on earth has one main purpose, to grow, learn and adapt to the environment and make positive beneficial changes to the physical and social environment while reproducing an offspring to continue the race.

In doing this one is to be as happy as possible and as firm as possible.Spiritual life, is meant to be a reunion with God our maker or supreme being after we might have dealt with earthly or mortal or physical life effectively. So i hope i have attempted to scratch your question despite its observed complexities.Buy my book,'Life is very good'on amazon .com to learn more about this. How general constantine as well as george of allied forces saw it all.Cheers

Though short this is a profoundly philosophical question. Since the question has got Hinduism tag I would say that the aim of life is leading a purposeful life. Karma Yoga, Gnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga- among these three, Karma Yoga is considered to be the best thing to practice. Even the supreme personality of godhead Lord Sri Krishna said the same in the battle field of Kurukshetra in order to motivate Arjuna to carry out his Kshatra Dharma.

So I think the aim of life is to fulfill all our responsibilities whether they are towards our relatives, society or country.