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Has india achieved its goal of self sufficiency in food grains since independence?

india is aiming a self sufficiency in food grains since independence.has india reached there?

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After Independence, there came a point when India was not only self-sufficient, but when it was producing more than that and exporting food grains. But sadly, as the population increased, the demand eventually overcame the supply and India was once again a under-sufficient country.

bhuvaneswari | 1979 days ago

yes it has not due to the rapidly growing population,there is lack of sufficiency in food.the large population is now greater than the rescources.isn`t you know that when population becomes higher than the food supply then there might be a famine,according to Thomas Malthus` theory(1798).For interest sake did you know that by 2014,the Indian population will be greater than the world most populous country China?

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For a simple answer, yes.


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