Flowers for Algernon

Who threatens Charlie with a knife?


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Rose, Charlie's mother, threatened him with a knife.

Norma screamed at her: "Mother! Put down that knife!"
Seeing Rose standing there with the knife brought back the picture of that night she had forced Matt to take me away. She was reliving that now. I couldn't speak or move. The nausea swept over me, the choking tension, the buzzing in my ears, my stomach knotting and stretching as if it wanted to tear itself out of my body. She had a knife, and Alice had a knife, and my father had a knife, and Dr.Strauss had a knife... Fortunately, Norma had the presence of mind to take it away from her, but she couldn't erase the fear in Rose's eyes as she screamed at me. "Get him out of here! He's got no right to look at his sister with sex in his mind!"


Flowers for Algernon