Capital punishment

till when will the palestinians suffer . they are also Gods creation

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What is the question?

The term suffering is universal.All human beings suffer, but if you are trying to say deprived ,like of their lands which is the basic quarrel they have with the jews ,then the answer is this.

Presently the united nations, have approved two independent states for both palestine and israel, but the implementation of this two countries one capital is the bone of contention lingering the crisis to the point of sufferring that you have in mind.In life no one can always have what he or she wants 100%,so the palestines can accept to share the land of Jerusalem with the Jews and develop their own side like dubai.The money and effort spent in suicide bombing and war after war would have been enough to give them an excellent capital.So the decision is in their own hands to end the fight.I am not a jew and not pro jew either but common sense dictates that for now sharing the land is the best option to peace.Who knows how long we will need this earth? whether life will not be found to be better elsewhere in the galaxis that will generate massive migration from earth to the new wonder land so why all the fuss about a land so tiny that it has little economic benefits fighting and dying for it even if it is in the name of fighting for one's fatherland.Give and take has been the way forward in life and is the key to ending palestanians and jews suffering.