what were the trends of the 1900's?

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1900s-women: emphasis on 'womanly' silhouette ('S' corset, hour-glass), stiff clothing, floor length dresses/skirts, influence from Europe/Parisian styles-beginning of haute couture, masses of wavy hair knotted/fixed on top head, hats with feathers/hummingbirds/flowers...men:frock/waistcoat/trousers all matching, necktie, knee length overcoat, tophats/bowler hats

1910s-women:skirts rise above ankle, softening of silhouette, Parisian couturiers expand to London/Milan, once WWI begins, transition to 'practical' look (beginning of costume jewelry)...mens: not a lot of change, bowtie rises in popularity

1920s-women:flapper look (beginning of modern fashion), comfort (pants/sportswear for women, facbrics looser/freer) bobbed hair...men:shorter coats, lapels/wings shortened, wider trousers

1930s-women:shoulder pads (butterfly/banjo sleeves), nylon/viscose introduced, use of zippers, elbow length gloves with eveningwear, hair perms, ...basically acarry-over of 1920s fashion...men:cummerbund, increase in sportswear, Prince of Whales sets the trends

1940s-same as '30s intil '46, Christian Dior's "New Look" for women, basically brings back hour glass silhouette..teen fashion rises (greasers/rocknroll/beatniks/poodle skirts/etc) continues through '50s

1960s-gogo boots, bikinis, short dresses, bold prints, mini skirts, bell bottoms, tie die, headbands, mexican/gypsy style skirts (rise of androgynous 'hippy' look)...later in '60s, first ever 'skinny jeans' (Audrey Hepburn)

1970s-continuation of '60s trends, beginning of 'punk' look (ripped jeans/shirts, leather jackets, dirty tennis shoes), teens-crop tops, hot shorts, platform shoes...shaggy/surfer style hair, afros, long wavy hair for girls

1980s-increase in brand names (especially sneakers), wayfarers/aviators..women: new romantic look, valley girl look, dance/flashdance look, prep look, men: rise of 'the power suit'

1990s-grunge, neon (until about '94), spandex, acid wash jeans, biker jackets, flannel t shirts, scrunchies, fannypacks, leather/lycra mini skirts, white keds, leotards, belly button rings..still punk fashion-moves to a more goth-like style (black tee shirts, dyed hair, etc)