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10 oz of dried apples which costs $3.5/oz were mixed with 5 oz of dried banana chips which cost $2/oz to make mixed dried fruits. What is the price per oz of mixed dried fruits?

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Apple cost


$3.5   =x

1 oz     10oz

($3.5)(10z)=(x)(1 oz)

($3.5)(10z)/1oz=(x)(1 oz)/1oz

x (Cost of apples)=($3.5)(10z)/1oz




$2   =  x

1 oz     5oz

($2)(5 oz)=(x)(1oz)

($2)(5 oz)/1oz=(x)(1oz)/1oz

x (Costof bananas)=($2)(5 oz)/1oz

x=$10.00 bananas

Total weight of mixed fruit=15 oz

Total cost of mixed fruit=$35.00 (apples)+ $10.00 (bananas)=$45.00

x        $45.00

1 oz       15oz

(x)(15oz)=(1oz) ($45.00)

(x)(15oz)/15oz=(1oz) ($45.00)/15oz

x=(1oz) ($45.00)/15oz

x=$3.00/ oz cost of mixed fruit


CherieS | 1172 days ago