Hip hop music

how does modern popular music and music clips effect youth of today in a negative way?

in either a conscious and a subconcious way; or even in day to day life

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depends on which age group is doing the listening and the watching. if you have a young person, maybe not even a teen yet, watching and listening to music that displays sexual or violent misconduct then you have reached an age group that cannot possibly understand what they are seeing or the message in the music. They may draw some incorrect conclusions about that subject matter and paticipate or act out their interpretation. parents should really keep an eye on what their children are listening to and watching. I don't want to be an alarmist but some of this stuff being portrayed can have long lasting affects.
Rock and roll music can give a child the feeling of adrenline and make the excited or spazy. Country can relax someone so they will be calmer alike with jazz,blues, and other classical music