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Who is Steve Kemp from Cujo and what is their importance? Cujo English & Literature Steve Kemp | Cujo

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Steven Kemp is a poet, a furniture restorer, and a tennis pro. When she becomes bored in her life,Donna Trenton begins a flirtation with Steve that leads to an affair. Steve is the type of man who has many affairs and he prides himself on being the one to end these affairs before the woman can. However, Steve misses the signals with Donna and finds himself being dumped. This upsets Steve, and he decides to get revenge by sending Vic Trenton a letter that makes it clear that he and Donna had an affair. After he mails the letter, Steve leaves town, but he does not go far because he wants to see the wreckage he has created. Steve goes back to the Trenton home, hoping to see Donna again. When Donna is not home, Steve wrecks the first floor of the house and erases the only means by which someone might realize where Donna and Tad Trenton have gone. Steve is arrested, but he refuses to talk to the police, delaying the search for Donna and Tad long enough that Tad dies.