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Who is Samir Mustafa Ali from Marching Powder: A True Story of Friendship, Cocaine, and South America's Strangest Jail and what is their importance?

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Samir Mustafa Ali is another of Thomas's inmate friends. A Brazilian, he is an exceptionally good car thief who in the past has been frequently let out of prison overnight to steal cars for the prison authorities. Samir is a dangerous and unpredictable man, who seems to have no fear of the guards and little regard for his own safety. When Thomas is sent to solitary confinement, Samir is in a nearby cell, and Thomas considers him to be his best friend among the six men in the block. Samir is the one who goads the others into having big parties using liquor he steals from the cell block's cache of confiscated contraband. When he is beaten and tear-gassed by the guards, he breaks down and sobs, but he never does tell them about the cocaine Thomas had procured for the parties, which is in Samir's possession. In the end, Samir is murdered in solitary confinement by the guards, who try to make it look like suicide.