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Who is Don Mariano Arena from Il Giorno Della Civetta and what is their importance? Il_giorno_della_civetta English & Literature Don Mariano Arena | Il Giorno Della Civetta

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Don Arena is a very unusual man, with a very strong character. He comes from an uncultured, uneducated background, yet he has been clever enough to achieve a very high position in the mafia. Don Arena has committed all sorts of crimes, but some time back managed to make his entire criminal file disappear. Even though he is addicted to coffee, he manages to be calm and collected, even during a police interrogation, after a day of jail. Don Arena claims that all of his income comes from the yield of his land, and that he has such a strong reputation because he just likes helping people in his community. In his opinion, there are very few people who can really be called "men," while the others all fall into the ranks of different kinds of animals. As far as Don Arena is concerned, there is nothing wrong with killing an animal.