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i need the summary of the complete book of the prince of the fenway park by julianna baggot.

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The Prince of Fenway Park by Julianna Baggot is about a boy named, Oscar, who is sure that his life is cursed. He lives with his father under Boston's Fenway Park in a type of 'between world' with other ethereal beings such as faires and banshees. They are all waiting on the 86 year old curse that has kept the Red Sox from winning a World Series to be broken. Oscar can understand this as he believes he is also cursed. His real parents didn't want him and his adopted mother decided that she no longer wanted him. Now, he's found himself living with his adopted father, who is mostly sick, under the Fenway Bridge. Oscar has to figure out why the Red Sox are cursed, save his father, and with the help of the creatures, break the curse so that he can also lift the curse that binds him to his miserable existence. However, there are those creatures who are not interested in lifting the curse and they try to stop Oscar and his friends. In the end Oscar's curse is lifted.