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Are there any good quotes in "Memed, My Hawk" that illustrate that Memed is either a hero, a villain, a reckless idealist, or a fool?

Quotes that would be good to use in a a P.I.E paragraph. If there are quotes to this question, may someone please help me by posting your quotes here on BookRags or sending me all the quotes that y

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This is the summery it will help u

Memed grows up in the village of Deyirmenoluk, which is totally controlled by Agha Abdi. At the age of eleven, Memed runs away and gets to the house of Suleyman in the village of Kesme, which is not controlled by Abdi. Memed lives there until he remembers that his widowed mother, Deuneh, will not be able to bring in her wheat harvest alone. He allows himself to be captured, and then he and his mother suffer famine when Abdi takes away an extra amount of wheat for his rental charge. Memed and Deuneh survive the winter only with the secret help of other villagers and by selling their cattle. Years later, at the age of eighteen, Memed secretly goes to town with his friend Mustafa and is shocked to find out that Agha does not have dictatorial control of the town.