William Shakespeare

What impact did William Shakespeare have on our lives?

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You could easily write a major BOOK about how he has influenced our lives, regardless of where in the world you live. The following are some bullet points, just in case you are NOT writing a book and merely an essay. :)

*Characterizational depth. He offered a glimpse into the dark side of human nature on a consistent basis.

*Introduced recognizeable archetypes, symbols, icons

*stabilized a literary genre

*wrote for the common man (as well as the aristocracy)

*words from his plays are used around the world as part of the common lexicon (rotten in Denmark, parting is such sweet sorrow, all the word's a stage)

*involved the elements and setting as part of the characterization

*Portrayed women as having a certain strength (moreso than others during his day and age)

*developed characters with depth and breadth