White Fang

In the story, White Fang , by Jack London, what forces, both of (nature and human) shape White Fangs character---what are they, and how do they affect White Fang?

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The two forces that shape White Fang, are that of instinct(nature), and interaction with human beings. Initially, White Fang must learn to adapt to mankind's expectations and ways. Reasoning with his knowledge of pack mentality, and applying it as well as he can into the context of human interactions, White Fang is able to cope and rise to a position of status while with man. It is also a time of great pain, uncertaintly, and anger. Instinct, nature, comes back to the foreground due to man's inability to create a space where White Fang can have those things that he needs (to belong, food, shelter, etc...). In the end, the wild has more for him that man does.